May 20, 2024

Body Smarts
(Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence)

Body Smarts refers to the ability to use sensory experiences and movement to understand, make, or communicate something. People who enjoy using their Body Smarts may like to dance, act, or play sports; move around and be active; fix or make things with their hands; perform magic, card, or coin tricks; or make crafts.

Our Sensory Literacy booklet highlights books and toys that can help children explore their sensory processing capabilities, sensitivities, and preferences. The booklet also showcases Do-It-Yourself resources that can be fashioned in little time and at nominal cost.

Our Do You Sense What I Sense?  workbook describes how the brain perceives the world by using information that it receives from sensory organs. Experiential activities and links to online resources encourage young people to learn more about their sensory capabilities and preferences.

My Well-child Check-up: A Preschooler’s Guide is an interactive guide aimed at helping young children prepare for a routine visit to the doctor.